Sunday, June 28, 2009

Paul Danhaus Wins!!!

Paul finished the Race Across America at 2:35am this morning. 11 days 10 hours 48 minutes. All we have are some really crappy pics. We will get more up soon. Paul Congratulations to you and your crew!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday morning update from La Vale, MD

Hmmmm, how to even begin. I guess just a character at a time to match each pedal stroke for Paul. There have been many words thrown around the last ten days: superman, extraordinary effort, unbelievable, vicariously pedaling with you. They are all true, but truly fail to in anyway capture what is happening here. It would take a truly gifted writer to put it on paper, alas that is not me.

The true essence of this is really much more closlely related to a feeling or an emotion that transcends vocabulary. It is more like that most meaningful piece of music that takes you to a different place you have never been to. The joy and sorrow it can yield are very pronounced.

Historically many types of cultures and people have develpoed tests of strength, ability, toughness, etc. Many of this may seem cruel by todays standards, many may not understand this endeavor of Paul's. It really is not about that at all. What comes out of all this pain and hardship is the ability to answer that essential core question of who are you. Paul's motto is "racing from the heart." I truly saw that Friday as Paul rode with his heart exposed and open to all. The toughness of this section of the course after 2500 miles all ready passed was mind-blowing. How did he do it, what kept him going, why, why, why. Well it is really quite simple. Paul knows and believes in his inner self which is expressed in his "race from the heart" theme.. So I
Challenge all of you, on Paul's final day of his RAAM journey, to be as brave as Paul and ask yourself, am I living my inner theme. Have I challenged or pushed myself lately to make every moment count.

Thank you Paul, and thank you to all his followers on this trip. What a great land to match Paul Danhaus becomming one with his life's theme.
Paul Danhaus "Racing from the Heart"

Your very humble crew member

Friday, June 26, 2009

Paul Danhaus Interview ....Finally

Friday Morning Update

It is Friday morning around 10:30 and we are leaving Athens Ohio. We will be entering West Virginia in 30 miles with about 400 miles to go to the finish.

It looks like we will have a strong day today, a good night and strong finish on Saturday. We have total confidence in Paul. His legs are strong, and he is dealing well with the head-neck issues. Now it is really just a matter of staying awake and we are continuing to deal with the heat intense heat and humidity. We have had a number of days in a row of this hot stuff.

Last night, we had some heavy rain that Paul had to deal with. That forced us to pull off for a while when the lighting was too close. As soon as it was safe Paul was back on the road.

Wow, Paul is such a trooper, still never a compliant, just a focus on the task at hand and all the details he loves to repeat to us. Of course, we always have everything taken care of, but he always wants to double check. That is what a good doctor does, right?

Anyway, keep us in your thoughts as we cross the Ohio River and hit the hills of West Virginia as the adventure continues. Thanks for all of your support and email messages.

Crew member John

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Brandon Report - Paul Danhaus Bike Intervention

Free McDonalds in Blanchester OH!!

Crew chief Dennis sent me a message saying there was free McDonalds in Blanchester OH and he is happy he doesn't have to cook tonight! The catch is you have to be on a RAAM team :) Thanks McDonalds for your support. I personally love the Angus Mushroom and Swiss and of course the french fries and chocolate shake.