Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In the Ozarks and on to Jefferson City

Got some updates and pictures from the crew:
From Pablo: No the neck problem isn't bad. Playing his cards for some sympathy. Seem to be riding stronger when he knows he will get to rest. Road very strong last half hour to check point 30.

From Dennis: Paul is taking a 3 hour break in Weaubleau, MO
He is riding strong but gets a little testy when we force him to drink. The neck brace is working for now but we are getting another setup ready just in case. It is hot. We will make it.

From John: Hey everyone
Well we almost have one week in. (Noon time to be exact). We are headed to Jefferson City, MO as I write this. We have 31 out of 53 check points in. That's 1911 miles with 1105 left. Everyone we run into, officials, check point people, other teams are in awe of Pauls current pace and determination. Crew machanic Pablo has rigged a niffty contraption to support his head up. Long way to go yet, but Pauls' and the crews' spirits are high. Have everyone keep sending emails out to him, he loves to have us read them to him.
Crew member John P.


Tom Potter said...


Glad to hear from your crew that you are in good spirits and determined to go the distance. FANTASTIC!!!!

I have sent a smoke signal to your old buddy CHIEF ILLINIWEK telling him you need cooler temps and tailwinds when you head through your home state.

Enjoy that car ride over the Mississippi!!!

Tom P.

Piet Levering said...

Hey Paul,
Sorry to hear about the heat, which doesn't make things easier for you. But I'm sure that you can make it, since you and your great crew are so determined. Awesome.

Keep going,

J & L Petrie said...

Hey Paul!
We're so proud of you! You worked so hard for this! We know it's hard to pass all those Starbucks, but you can do this! We check on your progress many times a day. Larry is there in heart with you as he 'knows the miles'.
Jan & Larry P.

Unknown said...

hi paul
we are following your progress with much anticipation...our spirits are with you with every push on the peddle you make...

in yuma in the fall we eagerly await chatting with you about your amazing accomplishment...

marilyn fisher and mike dennison