Sunday, June 28, 2009

Paul Danhaus Wins!!!

Paul finished the Race Across America at 2:35am this morning. 11 days 10 hours 48 minutes. All we have are some really crappy pics. We will get more up soon. Paul Congratulations to you and your crew!


Unknown said...

Fantastic, awesome job Paul. You did it. You have now accomplished a feat that very few others have been able to do. It takes a very special kind of person to do what you did. Bravo Zulu.

Rich Becker

Big Mark said...

Congratulations Paul... You certainly VENGA'ed!

-Big Mark

Greg and Mandy said...

Paul -
Our best to you and your team -- rest well!! See you this fall!

Greg and Mandy

Tom Potter said...


To give your accomplishment a little perspective, one should look at the RAAM Leaderboard.

Twenty one solo male riders under 50 years of age started the race. It would be fair to say that all of these guys are outstanding bikers who made a significant financial and personal commitment to ride in the 2009 RAAM.

Nine of the twenty one were DNF!!!

Hope it doesn't take Dennis too long at the U.S. Patent Office to register his neck support system.

The Wausau Starbucks will welcome you back with open cash registers.


Unknown said...

Great job my friend! Rest well, hope to see you soon.


Unknown said...

Hey Paul, Dennis, and Crew:

Wow, you guys did it! Congratulations to all. Paul, you lived up to your reputation for fierce drive and unshakable determination. Well done, you Earned your RAAM win!

Best Wishes,

Piet Levering said...


Congratulations, and as the French say: Chapeau! You and your crew did a great job. Time to get some sleep, I guess.

Cheers, Piet

cgminor said...

No one, except for other solo RAAM riders, will ever know or understand what you have gone through these past eleven days. A tremendous accomplishment, to say the least. Congratulations hardly seems to say enough. I look forward to your telling of the tale this summer.
Great ride,
Marty, Lisa, Bill, Carol, Gary, Cheryl, etc.
Yumabikers in Mount Vernon, WA

Linda said...

Congrats!!!!! We are soooooo proud of you!!!

-Linda and Dom

Sandy Miller said...

You are amazing!! I was with you all the way and pulling for you. I enjoyed following your progress so much----are you going back the other way as an encore? I cannot imagine the pain of riding that far. RAGBRAI will be a piece of cake. Brigette will see you there. You are fantastic.

mr b said...

Very proud of you.. You give us old folks hope.

Unknown said...

Awesome achievement Paul. Congratulations to you and the crew. Look forward to hearing all the stories.

Paul C.

Gentle Ben said...

What a hoot it was to watch and hear your crew celebrate your crossing into West Virginia and then to watch you climb out of that valley. It was an honor to ride along behind you. I have a new hero. Best of luck in the future.


Kat said...

WOW!!! Congrats to you and your crew, Paul! You're an amazing person and so glad I was able to witness a part of your adventure to the finish!!!

Crew Member from Team Osprey/Janet Christensen

cgminor said...

Whoo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!! You did it!!!!!!!! Great job, congratulations and a great big WOW!!!!!!!
What an awesome job you just accomplished, what a feeling that must be,
So super happy for you, anxious to hear all about your ride in Yuma,