Thursday, June 18, 2009

Paul in Montezuma Creek

PAUL is fired up right now. At the last TS he wanted to go all night. We are in Montezuma Creek waiting for him to come in. The next stop is Cortez CO. It is cooling down so we are making sure he has warm clothes tonight. The crew is really working together and having fun. Pauls bearing on his Zip rear wheel gave out so we replaced the wheel set. I have free wireless in this town of the Navajo Nation. Pablo and Ed are getting some sleep right now so they can stay energized through the night. Paul is behind the planned schedule but by only 40 miles by my calculation. If the wind stays behind his back he will make it up. Later Dennis


Unknown said...

Way to go Dennis! Keep Paul fired up. You've got everything under control...BRAVO!

Unknown said...

Great riding Paul. Keep it going. I'll be thinking of you while riding in Michigan.

Paul C.

Piet Levering said...

I'm so impressed. Go Paul, you're first in RAAM. Don't let them catch you and if they do, I'm still impressed.


Tom Potter said...


Great job being first into Pagosa Springs. Now to howl up Wolf Creek
Pass. You're putting a lot of mettle into those pedals.

Tom P said...

Paul you are amazing. You are the only rider still ahead of Jure ... He is coming for you at over 17 mph. Stay strong and pedal fast. You are my 60+ hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said...

I keep forgetting to sign my message. Amazing effort Paul ... let the pedals do the thinking :-)