Saturday, June 20, 2009

Paul reached Taos at 6am PST!

Paul rode into Taos early this morning. Crew chief Dennis says it is raining Cats and Dogs and it was a tough section for Paul who is dealing with saddle sores now. But Paul is still fired up and he will make it to Annapolis! When Paul got into Taos, Lara (his handler) had contacted a doctor who gave her instructions for saddle sore treatments. Apparently he has open sores, not the bumps. So Lara went off to the drug store while Paul rested. I suppose Poor Lara will get the wonderful task of patching saddle sores! I think the rest ended up being a long one because Paul didnt seem to get on the road again until about 10:30. They were supposed to only take an hour nap and get back down to 5000 feet for a rest, but the course keeps them over 5000 feet from the next 3 time stations (about 150 miles). And to throw a wrench into the race plans there are rain storms to greet them the whole way to Kansas. The weather in Kansas looks the worst with heavy rain and thunderstorms covering the entire southern half of the state. Dennis says Paul is definitely not lacking in determination!

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