Saturday, June 20, 2009

Paul's Crew reports from Eagles Nest NM (finally some sun!)

Paul made it over the Eagles Nest in great form. We rocked it all the way up with the Rocky theme song in a very cold rain.
We are heading to Springer NM. The weather is sunny and nice.
Pauls form and legs are good, He is just having to fight off very heavy eyes,, but is fighting through it..

As for me. I'm very well, and am holding up well with small little sleep times. I'll be looking forward to nice meals agaiin and much less junk food. The whole journey has been insprational. The West has been beautiful and senic.

Also - there is a nice blog post on the RAAM website on Paul (Dr. Danhaus).

For tonight, Paul will roll on through the rest of New Mexico (at a net downhill) with clear skies and temperatures in the mid 50s. Tomorrow morning sometime he will get into Kansas where things will start heating up to mid day temperatures of 95F.


Perl Questions said...

i love what you done here, i have something similar if your willing to trade links

Unknown said...

Welcome to Kansas! This is my home state. My wish for you is tailwind's and and clear skys.

Keep up the good work!