Monday, June 15, 2009

Pre-Race CelebrationLeft to right: Jim Fidler-RV driver, Lara Sullivan, Me, Dennis Kasischke-Crew Chief, Ed Pabst (in back), Pablo Martinez-mechanic (in front), Wyatte DeLoache, John Pophal.

Paul Danhaus: "Had a great time and a lot of people were there. We had Mike Trevino, 2nd place RAAM finisher in 2004 or 2005 address my crew at our pre party mtg. Everything is going well!"


Scott Cole said...

Good luck from the Hostel Shoppe!!!

Unknown said...

Head down, Head strong!

Unknown said...

Met you in February at the 300k finish line. I had no idea you were training for RAAM. Good luck and may the tailwinds favor you in the plains! Looks like you are already well underway, keep it up!

Stephen Kenny said...

Paul: The Canadians are with you, great first day, ride-on buddy, don't burn any daylight and be safe.

Stephen Kenny