Monday, June 22, 2009

Snakes in Kansas!

I have been following RAAM for a few years now, and one thing that most soloists have in common is hallucinations while in Kansas. Even Jure Robic thought the mailboxes were attacking him! Well, Paul is not immune. The crew said he is seeing snakes in Kansas. He is also thinking the road signs are falling on him and the crew says they put him down for a power nap when he starts talking about the hallucinations.
Otherwise, Paul is holding up really well. He is over the half way point (it seems the GPS tracker shut off at midnight as he is nearly in Yates Center Kansas). So he has about 1678 miles under the tires so far. Dennis says the RAAM website has a picture of him feeding Paul popcorn chicken, but I hope they are feeding him less greasy stuff. Pablo has reported that he is eating wraps with turkey and cheese, lots of different fruits, peanut butter sandwhices, "and a bunch of other junk". He is drinking tea and of course the Hammer products. Just thought you might want to know! He has been passed by a couple of the younger soloists, but is really holding is own out there! Hopefully I will get some pictures from the crew today.


Unknown said...

June and 95 degrees in Kansas, I bet you are seeing Snakes! As for the road sigh falling, it's just the wind! Head strong my friend! You are over half way there.

Greg and Mandy said...

Keep up the great work -- you're more than halfway there!! We're thinking of you and confident of your success.


Greg and Mandy

Tom Potter said...


A few more cranks of the pedals and you'll be in the SHOW ME State! Well, you're been SHOWING US lots of
amazing strength and determination.

You are doing a super job!

Tom P.

Sandy Miller said...

Paul you are doing fantastic. I have been eager each day to see how you are doing. Keep drinking and stay cool. You are awesome.
Sandy Miller