Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Snoozing in Missouri

The crew noticed Paul's speed dropped and so he got a power nap in Washington, Missouri, just 70 miles from crossing the Mississippi River and the 2/3 point in the race. The temperatures were over 100 degrees in Missouri today and the heat wave is expected to continue across the Midwest, so a mid day siesta is the order for now.


Big Mark said...

When you wake up... start the day with a new mission: I just found out that Jake has NO girlfriends east of the Mississippi (something about a East Coast restraining order).

Anyway... ride hard and watch the fields for women for Jake... husbands with machetes be damned!

VENGA! VENGA! You're 2/3 there!!

-Big Mark

Scott Cole said...

Keep it up Paul! You can do it!

Tom Potter said...


Denver had 8" of hail yesterday! Now that could put a crimp in your average MPH!

When you get near Bloomington/Indianapolis make sure your crew keeps a sharp eye out for Team Cinzano. They may try to shove a stick through your spokes!

Hang in there buddy, you are doing great.

Tom P.

Unknown said...

Why don't you get out of the camper and give somebody else a chance to rest....I mean really!!

But seriously, your efforts and resolve are inspiring. I wish nothing but blue skies and tail winds for you.

Cheers Patrick Caffrey

Unknown said...

Hi Paul,

Looking great! You're in the home stretch now! Keep it going.

Paul C.

Unknown said...

Keep it up Paul! All our good thoughts are with you!

starstuff said...

You are an inspiration. I thought about you on the way home last night after I had missed the express bus by 30 seconds. I was thinking how tired I was and how it stunk to have to ride 20 miles home after a brutal morning interval workout on the way in. It was then I thought about you and that I really didn't know what tired was. Even during the 400k a few years ago where one guy got hypothermia and 3/4 of the riders quit at Arivaca and we were riding in the rain just below snow level for a good portion of it with blistering headwinds. That is still below the threshold you have crossed, probably several days ago even. You have definitely raised the threshold for the rest of us.

May all the winds be at your back, the roadside dogs be lazy, and your hallucinations, if there be any, amusing. You'll get there!

(incidentally you probably don't remember me but I'm the guy who talked to you about pitbulls at the finish line at the Arizona 300k in February)

-Paul Layton

Tony said...

Great photo there Paul. That's the way to take a power nap.

Unknown said...

Keep it going, Paul. U kan doo eet!
The race finally started at the Mississippi river. The first 2/3rds was just eliminations. The big boys are left. (Well, the big boys and a couple of pesky women.) Go for it.
Best Wishes,