Thursday, June 25, 2009

There isn't enough Caffeine in all of ...

Paul took another 3 hour break in Oxford OH in the middle of the day. The temperatures are still in the mid 90s. Anybody who knows Paul knows that he loves his Starbucks. The crew has been trying to limit consumption on the trip, but now that we are 8 days into this, go for it Paul.


Unknown said...

Hey buddy! Next time your in Madison the coffee's on me!
Your doing great! Best wishes from everyone at Cronometro.
By the way your crew is doing a great job. Love the new aero bars! Great use of what is available.

Tailwinds always!

Piet Levering said...

Hi Paul,
I've seen a lot of different jerseys in this year's RAAM, but yours looks really great. I'm glad I ordered one. Oh, and thanks for the nice T-shirt. Much appreciated.