Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time Station #8 - Flagstaff

Paul rolled into Flagstaff at 3am PST (6am race time) and was totally frozen but still pumped. The temperatures in Flagstaff were below 40 over night. His only female crew member, Lara, gave him a massage and some food and fluids. Then he took a short nap while trying to warm up and wait for the sun to come up. As he heads into Tuba City, Kayenta, and Mexican Hat today, he can expect similar cooler than usual temperatures as yesterday, with Highs in the mid 80s, a possible thunderstorm, partly cloudy skies, and winds out of the west at 10-20mph. The current temperature in Tuba City is still a cold 46F.

1 comment:

Tom Potter said...


You are retired, get to ride your bike all day and all night plus there are four young women trying to catch a glimpse of your big and powerful body. Does it get any better?

May you have gentle West winds all the way across the country.

Tom P.