Monday, June 22, 2009

Tough day at work

Paul rode into a new state today (Missouri) and is getting ever closer to the finish line in Annapollis. Sometime before sunrise tomorrow he will cross the Mississippi River and have 2000 miles under his tires. Today, was a tough one. His neck has started to hurt and the contraption that his crew chief, Dennis, made in San Diego wasn't doing the job. So the crew had to rig another means to help Paul hold his neck up. The RAAM historians say that 30% of RAAM participants develop what is known as Shermer neck, and Paul isn't immune to this one either. I have some pictures but I won't post these. Paul remains very enthusiastic and the crew is still enjoying the marvels of a journey with a RAAM soloist. He is still holding an average pace of just under 12 mph!!

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