Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Wamplers Rock!!!!!

Thanks to Connie and Jim Wampler, the crew and Paul got a very refreshing break. Their house is located right on the course near Sullivan IN, time station 37. They told us before the race that they will help in any way. I told them they will get a bunch of tired, hungry, dirty men at 2am who will make a big mess! And they said, bring it on!!! Wow, what great support! They are friends of crew member Ed P., and Ed's wife also drove down from Terre Haute to support Team Danhaus. So when the crew arrived, they came with a flat tire that needed to be fixed on the chase vehicle. The wamplers helped with that. They came with a pile of dirty laundry, which they let them wash, and even had a bunch of towels so the crew and Paul could take a shower. And if that weren't enough, they got a lovely home cooked dinner. Then the crew and Paul decided it was too good to leave so they watched a little TV (which they hadn't seen for over a week) and took a nice long nap to refresh. The entire team thanks the Wamplers for their time, hospitality, and support!


Tom Potter said...


Last night the gps tracker looked like you had gotten lost and were wandering all around. Then, it just stopped for a long time. I thought maybe one of those 30' anacondas from Kansas had finally caught you.

Dave L. straightened me out.

Glad to see you are back on the bike and making good progress.

Your neck brace/support looks so comfortable you might take a siesta while you are riding. DON'T!

We'll have to see if we can put together a ticker tape parade to welcome our hero back to Wausau.

Tom P.

Unknown said...

Fantastic ride Paul! I believe veterinarians are the most resourceful of doctors and that neck support proves it! You're doing great!

Joe Frost

Jocelyn said...

Hey Paul, below is a message from Team Donate Life Give Hope rider Jared Ellison. We posted it on our blog and wanted to share it with you. Thanks for your heart, you are inspiring us! You rock! (from Jocelyn, TDL blogger)

"OK, so this blog is about Solo rider Paul D. As I was just riding I was thinking about my next blog. I was going to tell everyone about the Massive lactic acid build up in my legs and butt that are causing great soreness then I quickly came up on a solo team, (rider Paul D). As I passed him I told him ‘Great job’ and to keep going; he made some nice comments back. Well let me tell you how rough he looked. I had previously spoken with his team and they said how much he is struggling and having hallucinations. He really wants this. He had a pole with a cushion and towel built onto his bike to hold his head due to fatigue. Well… little lactic acid or lack of sleep is nothing!! The solo riders are studs and they inspire me. Thank you Paul for your hard work and inspiring me to push harder. YOU ROCK.


Unknown said...

Your doing great Paul. I'll be thinking of you while I do the 600K this weekend. You are an inspiration. I didn't know you had this web bag set up or I would have sent messages sooner.

If I get motivated I'll see if you want to do the tour again and crew for me. That'll be few years from now.

You have less that a 1200K to go.

Are you going to carry your bike across the finnish line like I hear Scott did last year.

Keep up the fantastic work.

Rich Becker

David Jones said...

Paul and crew, Through the heat and wind and nasty climbs you have carried on and kept the faith. Awesome ride.

Best wishes and fair winds to Annapolis, David Jones RAAM 08