Friday, June 19, 2009

What it's like to be on a RAAM crew

I asked Pablo to send me a video that captures the excitement of RAAM and this is what he sent.


Tom Potter said...


Welcome to Taos! Hope you'll have time to take a siesta and get ready to crank towards parts on East.

The Starbucks store locater says no
Starbucks in Taos! I thought it is an upscale town??? But, I'll bet you have a couple of bags of their finest beans in the RV.

You are doing a super job!


Big Mark said...


I see you're riding with the young guns now... and your average speed the last TS was almost the same as Dani Wyss!

All that while they thought they were catching you... little did they know that you were just baiting them!

I dare you to sprint pass one of them, give them the Carl look, and in Ken Orr-esque fashion say, "I'm just going to go ahead and soft pedal.... you guys will probably catch me."


-Big Mark

Big Mark said...

By the way, someone tell Pie-bo his kilt looks sweeeeeeeeet!